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About TableauDecoModerne

TableauDecoModerne is an online store dedicated to modern and contemporary art, design and interior decoration. Founded by THERY Jean Christophe, a passionate artist, our store offers a unique selection of paintings and decorative objects to enhance your interior and express your personality.

The story of THERY Jean Christophe , passionate about design and interior decoration

Benjamin has always been fascinated by the world of design and interior decoration. From a young age, he spent hours leafing through decoration magazines, dreaming of designing spaces and imagining unique creations that reflected his vision of the world.

After obtaining a degree in International Finance, Benjamin worked for several years in banking. Despite a stable and promising career, he felt that his passion for art and decoration was being pushed aside. It was then that he made a courageous decision: to leave his job to follow his dream and make a living from his creations.

The birth of TableauDecoModerne

By creating TableauDecoModerne, Benjamin found a way to combine his passion for art and his talent for interior design. He began by creating original paintings, inspired by his travels, his encounters and his personal experiences. Very quickly, its online store became an essential place for art and decoration lovers looking for unique and modern pieces.

Today, our online art gallery offers a wide range of modern paintings , decorative objects and accessories to transform your interior into a space that suits you. Each of Benjamin's creations is designed to inspire you and allow you to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your home.


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