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Top 10 contemporary African artists to follow


Africa is a cradle of talent, and its artistic panorama continues to amaze and inspire the whole world. In the field of painting, many contemporary African artists stand out for their innovative approach, while remaining anchored in their cultural identity. In this article, we will present to you 10 contemporary African artists who are making a splash on the international art scene. And if you are a passionate art lover, don't forget to take a look at the superb collections of African paintings to discover even more gems.

1. El Anatsui (Ghana)

El Anatsui is undoubtedly one of the most recognized contemporary artists in Africa. His work with recycled materials, mainly bottle caps, gives rise to impressive wall sculptures. Its unique approach highlights the need for sustainability while reflecting Africa's rich history.

2. Wangechi Mutu (Kenya)

Originally from Kenya, Wangechi Mutu is known for her intriguing collages and sculptures that explore themes of femininity, race and class. She skillfully combines traditional African elements with modern imagery to deliver a fresh and powerful perspective.

3. Chéri Samba (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Chéri Samba is famous for her vibrant paintings which often comment on society, politics and life in the DRC. His works, often autobiographical, are filled with humor, satire and poignant truths.


4. Yinka Shonibare (Nigeria)

Born in the United Kingdom but of Nigerian origin, Yinka Shonibare is distinguished by his sculptures and installations which frequently use batik fabric, traditionally associated with Africa. Her work explores the nuances of cultural identity, colonialism and post-colonization.

5. Peju Alatise (Nigeria)

Peju Alatise is a versatile artist who has distinguished herself as a sculptor, painter and author. She is particularly recognized for her sculptures which address subjects such as women's rights, inequality and social challenges in Nigeria.

6. Jane Alexander (South Africa)

Jane Alexander is an emblematic figure of South African art. She is best known for her enigmatic sculptures and installations that question human nature, apartheid and its aftermath.


7. Ibrahim Mahama (Ghana)

Ghanaian artist Ibrahim Mahama uses reclaimed jute bags to create monumental installations. These bags, once used to transport cocoa or coal, become canvases for history and socio-economic exchange.

8. Ghada Amer (Egypt)

Born in Cairo, Ghada Amer is a contemporary artist who skillfully combines embroidery and painting to address subjects related to femininity, eroticism and gender roles.

9. Kudzanai Chiurai (Zimbabwe)

Kudzanai Chiurai is a multidisciplinary artist whose work spans photography, painting and film. His works are often politically charged, questioning power, violence and conflict in the African context.

10. Omar Victor Diop (Senegal)

Omar Victor Diop is a talented photographer whose captivating portraits pay homage to African history while integrating modern elements. Each photograph is a fusion of past and present, offering a unique visual narrative.


The Essence of Africa Through a Unique Collection

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But what really sets this collection apart is its ability to tell a story. Each painting is a visual narrative, a slice of the African soul revisited from a contemporary angle. It is a celebration of traditions, cultural richness and artistic innovation. An invitation to rediscover Africa, to appreciate its beauty and to understand its influence in contemporary art.

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