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Bursts of Color & Inspirations from Elsewhere: How to Reinvent Back-to-School Decoration


Summer is fading, vacations leave us with memories full of memories, and it's time to think about going back to school. It’s an exciting time, filled with new opportunities and new challenges. To make this moment even more special, why not embark on a small renovation of our learning environment? Decorating your workspace or your children's bedroom can not only motivate but also stimulate creativity. And this year, we suggest you add a touch of art and culture with an African painting or inspirations from the world of animal paintings . Without forgetting to make your interior sparkle with a colorful painting . Come on, let's embark on a decoration journey!

Africa at the heart of your learning space

Africa is a continent of incredible diversity, both in terms of cultures and arts. An African painting can breathe new life into your space, bringing a touch of warmth, color, and even wisdom. Indeed, many African works are imbued with strong symbolism which can be a source of daily inspiration.

On Tableau Déco Moderne, you will find a wide variety of African paintings. From scenes of daily life to depictions of African flora and fauna, including powerful portraits, each African painting has a story to tell. Hanging an African painting in your learning or work space is inviting African cultural richness to be part of your daily life.

Immerse yourself in wildlife with an animal painting

What better way to stimulate the imagination than to surround yourself with the beauty of nature? And nature is, above all, animals. Whether wild or domestic, animals have always fascinated man. They arouse our curiosity, inspire us and bring us comfort.

Choosing an animal painting to decorate your space can add a touch of life and originality. Animal paintings can also remind us of the importance of respecting and protecting our environment. Additionally, they can also serve as an interesting conversation starter, especially for children who are hungry for knowledge.

On Tableau Déco Moderne, you will find a wide selection of animal paintings. From realistic depictions of majestic lions, graceful zebras or galloping horses, to more abstract or fanciful interpretations, there's an animal painting for every style and personality.

city ​​painting

Colorful and vibrant: bring in joy with a colorful painting

Color has the power to influence our mood and emotions. A colorful painting can bring a real explosion of energy and vitality to your space. It can transform a dull room into an inspiring and stimulating place.

Whether you're a fan of bright, bold hues or prefer softer, soothing shades, you'll no doubt find the colorful painting that suits your tastes on Modern Decor Painting .

How to choose the perfect painting for back to school?

Choosing a painting largely depends on your personal preferences, your decorating style and the ambiance you want to create. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

  1. Choose according to the room : If you are decorating an office or learning space for an adult, you might favor paintings in more sober colors or abstract works. For a child's bedroom, don't hesitate to opt for more colorful and playful paintings.

  2. Consider the size of the room and wall : A large painting can be impressive and become the focal point of the room. However, make sure it doesn't dominate the space and is in harmony with the rest of the decor.

  3. Consider personal taste : Choosing a painting is a bit like choosing a book. It must speak to you, move you or inspire you. Take the time to browse the different collections to find the work that suits you.

Back to school is an opportunity to start a new page, to reinvent yourself and create a stimulating environment. So, why not add an artistic and cultural dimension to it with anAfrican painting , a painting of animals or a colorful painting? Not only will these works of art bring color and warmth to your space, but they can also spark interesting discussions, inspire creativity, and broaden our horizons.

Create harmony with the rest of the decoration

Consistency is one of the keys to successful decorating. Even if you are attracted to a multitude of different styles and themes , try to create harmony between all the elements of your decoration. For example, if your interior is rather minimalist, you can opt for a painting in neutral colors with a stylized African motif. If your decoration is more daring, why not choose a painting of animals in bright colors and dynamic shapes?


Don't forget the frame

The frame of a painting can make all the difference. It can enhance the work and give it a new dimension. You can choose a frame that contrasts with the painting to highlight it, or on the contrary a frame that harmonizes with the colors and patterns of the work. Do not neglect this aspect in your choice, because a painting with an appropriate frame can become the centerpiece of your decoration.

As a conclusion

The decoration of our work or study environment has a significant impact on our mood, motivation and productivity. And what better way to start the back-to-school season than to bring art and color into our lives? Whether you're drawn to fascinating African landscapes, majestic wildlife, or simply the explosion of color, there's a painting for everyone at Modern Decor Painting .

Let yourself be seduced by the diversity and richness of the painting collections, and create a unique and inspiring atmosphere for this back-to-school season. After all, every school year is a new adventure, and every adventure deserves to be colorful.


Q: Do the paintings come with a frame?

A: It depends on the board and the supplier. On Tableau Déco Moderne , some paintings are sold with a frame, others not. This is usually stated in the product description.

Q: How to choose the size of the board?

A: It depends on the space you have and the effect you want to achieve. A large painting can become the focal point of the room, while a small painting can add a pop of color or interest to an otherwise neutral space.

Q: How do I maintain my board?

A: To keep your painting in good condition, avoid exposing it to direct sunlight or areas of high humidity. You can dust the board with a soft, dry cloth. In case of stains, it is recommended to consult a professional.

Q: What is the delivery time?

A: Delivery time depends on the product and your location. On Tableau Déco Moderne, you can view the delivery information for each product.

Q: Can I return my painting if I am not satisfied?

A: Yes, Tableau Déco Moderne offers a return policy. You can view the details on their website.

With these tips in hand, you're ready to add a touch of art and culture to your back-to-school space. Happy decorating!

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