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Create a Tropical Oasis: An Ultimate Guide to Chic Tropical Wedding Decor


Choosing your wedding theme is a crucial step in organizing this milestone event. Among a multitude of choices, the tropical wedding theme stands out for its festive, joyful and simple side. If these adjectives resonate with the image you want for your wedding, then let yourself be seduced by the idea of ​​a wedding in the tropics.

What is a chic tropical wedding?

The chic tropical wedding is a growing trend in the world of weddings. It is characterized by a warm and elegant atmosphere with a touch of exoticism. This trend is inspired by the tropical motifs of art deco, the lush landscapes painted by Douanier Rousseau, and the sumptuous colonial houses of the 19th century . Imagine a decoration made of tropical leaves, golden details like tableware in the shape of a golden palm leaf, and a few tropical animals to add a touch of poetry and color.

How to create a chic tropical wedding decoration?

To create the atmosphere of an enchanted jungle, you must favor plant decoration. Feel free to use tropical leaves , whether real, fake or paper. The more you add, the more striking the effect will be for your guests. The golden art deco-inspired patterns on the tablecloths or walls will add a touch of wild chic. Consider incorporating golden details with small furniture such as antique bird cages, snake candlesticks or even dishes in the shape of banana leaves. Finally, a few feathers and fake stuffed birds will finish creating your enchanted jungle atmosphere.


What elements should you integrate for a tropical wedding decoration?

A tropical wedding can be declined through different objects or motifs: palm trees and large leaves, pineapples, pink flamingos, bananas, and bamboo. You can customize fruits to decorate your tables. For example, use large sheets purchased from your florist for place cards, table names, seating charts, menu holders.

How to incorporate the tropical theme into every aspect of your wedding?

If you choose this theme, your main colors will probably be green, fuchsia pink and yellow. Match as many elements as possible to make your theme stand out. You can use these colors throughout your wedding decoration to create a unique wedding:

  • Announcements, thank you cards.
  • Table decoration: the name tag, the candy box, the candlesticks, the centerpiece.
  • Table linen: tablecloths and napkins.
  • Tableware: wine glasses, paper plates, square plates...
  • The Photobooth.
  • Decoration during ceremonies at church, at town hall and during secular ceremonies.
  • The decoration of the car.
  • The wedding cake.
  • Boutonnieres and hair accessories for the bride.
  • The decoration of the room: signs, the candy bar, balloons, pompoms...
  • Small gifts from guests.


The importance of flowers in a tropical wedding

The tropical theme fits perfectly with the flowers. Ask your florist for tropical flowers like: anthurium, bird of paradise, frangipani, hibiscus, passionflower. These flowers can be highlighted in table centerpieces, the wedding arch or the bride's bouquet.

Why choose a balloon arch for a tropical wedding?

A balloon arch can add a festive touch to your tropical wedding. We advise you to match the colors of the balloons with the theme. For example, a beautiful golden pink arch with green foliage, a gold and white balloon arch or a white and transparent wedding arch. Creating a balloon arch is a time-consuming but not complicated task. All you need is some bolduc or your finest string, a pair of scissors and all your balloons.


Pop Art Animals Painting:

To give a touch of color and originality to your tropical wedding, why not include a pop art painting representing a tropical animal? You might choose an animal that has special meaning to you, such as a parrot to symbolize freedom, or a leopard to represent strength and grace. The pop art style will provide a fun contrast with the natural and wild atmosphere of your tropical theme.

Modern Painting:

To bring a contemporary touch to your tropical wedding, consider integrating modern paintings into your decoration. You could opt for abstract works with bright colors reminiscent of tropical landscapes, or choose works depicting tropical landscapes in a more minimalist and stylized way. This will add an artistic and avant-garde dimension to your wedding.

Share your wedding decor

After the big day, why not share photos of your wedding decoration? This is a great opportunity to create memories and show others how you created a decor that is uniquely yours. You can explain how you arrived at this decoration, share your best photos, and maybe even inspire other couples who are planning their own wedding. If this appeals to you, feel free to send us an email so we can design an item together. After all, there's nothing like sharing real-life experiences to inspire future brides and grooms.


Organizing a tropical wedding is not only a trend, it is also an opportunity to create a joyful, festive and elegant atmosphere that will leave an impression. Whether you choose to draw inspiration from lush 19th century colonial houses, gilded art deco designs, or flamboyant tropical landscapes, every detail counts to make this day an unforgettable celebration. And why not add a touch of originality with a pop art animal painting or a modern painting? Whatever your choice, remember that the important thing is to create a wedding that reflects you and your love.


1. What is a chic tropical wedding?

A chic tropical wedding is one that draws inspiration from the landscapes and ambiance of the tropics to create a warm and elegant atmosphere. This can include elements like palm leaves, tropical flowers, exotic animals and gold details.

2. What are some good ideas for a chic tropical wedding?

For a chic tropical wedding, you can incorporate tropical leaves, real or fake, into your decoration. Gold art deco patterns on tablecloths or walls will add a touch of chic. You can also add golden touches with small furniture such as antique bird cages, snake candlesticks or even dishes in the shape of banana leaves.

3. What colors to choose for a tropical wedding?

Typical colors for a tropical wedding include the green of tropical plants, the fuchsia pink of exotic flowers and the yellow of tropical fruits. However, you can choose other colors depending on your preferences and the mood you want to create.

4. How to integrate a pop art animal painting into a tropical wedding?

You can choose a pop art painting representing a tropical animal and integrate it into your decoration. This can add a touch of color and originality to your wedding.

5. How to integrate a modern painting into a tropical wedding?

To bring a contemporary note to your tropical wedding, you can integrate modern paintings into your decoration. Opt for abstract works in bright colors that are reminiscent of tropical landscapes, or choose works depicting tropical landscapes in a minimalist and stylized way.

We hope this guide helps you plan the tropical wedding of your dreams. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you make your big day an unforgettable celebration.

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