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Space Theme Bedroom Decoration

Space Theme Bedroom Decoration

The immensity and mystery of the universe have always captivated the human imagination. Today, thanks to advances in interior design, this fascination can be translated directly into our homes. Whether you're an astronomy enthusiast aspiring to explore the far reaches of the universe, or a science fiction enthusiast drawn to stories of interstellar travel , decorating your bedroom with a space theme can transform your personal space into a miniature galaxy, a visual and sensory journey to the stars. With this in mind, we're going to explore in detail how to create rich and captivating space-themed bedroom decor, focusing on seven key points to consider.

The choice of colors

At the heart of any decoration project, the color palette is essential to define the atmosphere and general ambiance of the space. In the case of a space-themed bedroom, this step takes on particular importance, because colors have the power to evoke celestial mysteries and stimulate the imagination.

To start, opt for dark shades to evoke the emptiness of space and the night sky. Deep black is of course an obvious choice, but don't limit yourself to that color alone. Deep blue tones, from navy to ultramarine, can mimic the color of the sky just after sunset, when the first stars begin to twinkle. Violet, with its shades from pale lilac to deep crimson, can add a touch of mystery and dreaminess, reminiscent of images of distant galaxies captured by space telescopes.

However, a space-themed bedroom doesn't have to be limited to dark tones. Stars, planets and other celestial bodies can be represented by touches of white, silver and gray. These colors, when used strategically, can brighten the room and create a visual contrast with dark hues, reminiscent of the twinkle of stars in the dark night.

Finally, don't hesitate to introduce brighter colors to give depth and dynamism to your theme. The planets of our solar system, for example, offer a wide variety of colors: the oxidized red of Mars, the turquoise blue of Neptune, the golden yellow of Saturn... These touches of color can be introduced through decorative objects, patterns on the bed linen, or even artwork hanging on the walls. They will add an extra dimension to your decor, making your space more lively and visually rich.


Patterns and textures

In order to give your bedroom a truly cosmic dimension, integrating celestial patterns is an essential choice. These patterns, veritable windows opening onto the immensity of the universe, immediately evoke the theme of space and transform your room into a personal observatory of the wonders of the cosmos.

For this, several options are available to you. Wallpaper is an ideal solution for covering a large surface area and creating a strong visual impact. You can choose designs depicting distant galaxies, captured in all their glory with vibrant colors and swirling shapes . Constellations are also an excellent option, allowing you to combine elegance and symbolism. Imagine finding the well-known constellations of the zodiac every evening before going to sleep! Space scenes, with planets, shooting stars or even astronauts and spaceships, add a narrative element to your decor.

Wall stickers, on the other hand, offer great flexibility. They can be used to create a Milky Way effect, with a trail of stars stretching across the ceiling and walls, or to represent our solar system, with its planets orbiting the sun. Plus, installing and removing them is usually quite simple, allowing you to reinvent your space as you wish.

When it comes to textures, the goal is to evoke the weightlessness and calm of space. To do this, choose soft, smooth and light fabrics for bed linen and furniture coverings. Materials like satin, silk or velvet can provide a feeling of luxury and comfort, while linen and cotton offer a natural and breathable feel.

Decorative elements

Once you've established the backdrop with colors, patterns and textures, it's time to liven up your space theme with thoughtfully chosen decorative elements. These objects have the power to embody your theme and make it tangible, adding visual and tactile details that enrich the sensory experience.

To stay with the space theme, direct your choice towards objects that evoke the starry sky and space exploration. For example, moon-patterned cushions can add a soft, dreamy touch to your bed or sofa. Planet-shaped lamps, with their soft, diffused light, create a warm and mysterious atmosphere, perfect for evenings of star gazing. Rocket shelves are not only functional, but they also add a playful, futuristic touch to your decor.

An abstract painting can also be a great addition to your space-themed bedroom. With its fluid shapes and vibrant colors, it brings an artistic and contemporary touch that contrasts with the more literal theme of space, stimulating imagination and interpretation.

bird painting


When it comes to decoration, lighting is much more than just a functional necessity. It has the power to transform the atmosphere of a room, accentuate certain elements and create captivating visual effects. In a space-themed bedroom, lighting can really make the difference between interesting decor and an immersive experience.

LED lights are particularly suitable for this. They offer a wide variety of colors and can be arranged to create a twinkling stars or milky way effect on the ceiling or walls. Imagine yourself lying on your bed, looking up at a starry sky precisely reproduced on your ceiling. It’s an experience that invites daydreaming and wonder, perfect for a bedroom.

A night light in the shape of a moon or planet can also add a touch of mystery to your decoration. Placed on a bedside table or shelf, it diffuses a soft light which transforms the object into a miniature celestial body when the room is plunged into darkness. It's a charming detail that reinforces the space theme in a subtle but effective way.

In short, lighting is a powerful tool for bringing your space-themed room to life. By playing with the colors, intensity and arrangement of lights, you can create a stellar environment that will transport you every evening into the infinity of the universe.

The furniture

In creating your spatial decor, furniture plays just as important a role as colors, patterns or lighting. In fact, they constitute the functional heart of your room, while having a strong impact on the aesthetics of the space. Thus, the choice of furniture must be made carefully, taking into account both its style and its usefulness.

As part of a space theme, it is recommended to favor furniture with modern and clean lines, which evoke the futurism of space exploration. Materials like metal, glass or shiny plastics can reinforce this impression, while adding a note of sophistication to your decor. In addition, the minimalist design of this furniture allows you to highlight the patterns and colors of your theme, avoiding visually cluttering the space.

To anchor your theme and create a focal point in the room, a designer painting can be a great option. With its contemporary aesthetic and strong visual impact, it can serve as the centerpiece of your room decor, catching the eye and sparking interest.


Bed linen

Bed linen is another crucial element in bringing your space theme to life. After all, the bed is often the most important piece of furniture in a bedroom, and its decoration can greatly influence the atmosphere of the space.

Start by choosing sheets, blankets and pillows that match your theme. Patterns of stars, planets, galaxies or spaceships are all options available to you. These designs can be realistic, with detailed images drawn from science or space photography, or more stylized, with graphic or abstract representations. Don't forget to take into account the colors of your bed linen, which should harmonize with the rest of your decoration.

For a touch of originality, you can even opt for a cultural contrast, for example by integrating a Japanese painting into your spatial decor. Japanese style, with its Zen aesthetic and love of nature, can create an interesting contrast with the space theme, adding an extra dimension to your bedroom and stimulating reflection on our place in the universe.


Finally, it is important to remember that your bedroom is above all your personal space, a place that reflects your tastes, your passions and your dreams. So don't hesitate to personalize it to your image, by adding elements that are important to you.

If you are a science fiction fan, for example, you can display posters of your favorite films or series, or models of your favorite spaceships. If you are an astronomy enthusiast, you can arrange your astronomy books on a shelf or desk, or even showcase a collection of meteorites or reproductions of space probes. These personalization elements will make your room unique and authentic, and strengthen your connection with the space theme.

In summary, decorating a space-themed bedroom is an exciting project that invites you to explore your creativity and dream of the infinity of the universe. By considering these seven points – choice of colors, patterns and textures, decorative elements, lighting, furniture, bedding and personalization – you can create a space that transports you to the cosmos every time. as you enter it. So don't hesitate any longer, and embark on the trip of your dreams!


Space Table

An important aspect of perfecting your space-themed bedroom decor is the use of a suitable painting, and what's better than a painting explicitly inspired by space? From this perspective, the space painting is an essential choice.

A space painting can be the centerpiece of your decoration. It can bring real depth to your space and create a feeling of vastness that evokes the endlessness of the universe. It is possible to find a variety of space-themed paintings, ranging from realistic depictions of galaxies, stars and planets to more artistic or abstract interpretations of space. This allows you to choose a work that matches your style and preferences.

The importance of a space painting is not limited to its aesthetics. It can also inspire wonder and curiosity, sparking reflection on concepts such as the immensity of the universe and our place in it. In this way, a space painting not only beautifies your room, it also enriches your daily experience by stimulating your imagination and thought.

Also don't forget the importance of the board's location. Placed above your bed, it can be the last thing you see before you fall asleep and the first thing you see when you wake up, inviting you to dream of space explorations. On a wall facing your desk, it can serve as a source of inspiration during your moments of work or reflection.


In short, creating a space-themed bedroom is an exciting adventure that combines creativity and curiosity. Whether you are an astronomy lover, a science fiction fan, or simply amazed by the infinity of the cosmos, space decoration offers you the opportunity to transform your bedroom into a true cosmic escape. By playing with colors, patterns, lighting, furniture and decorative elements like space paintings, you can create a world that suits you, rich in sensations and inspiring daydreaming.


Q: Where can I find a space painting for my room?
A: You can view a wide selection of space tables at this link .

Q: What types of furniture match a space-themed bedroom decor?
A: Sleek, modern furniture evokes the futurism of space exploration and works well with space-themed decor.

Q: What types of patterns and colors should I use for my space-themed bedroom?
A: You can opt for designs of stars, planets and galaxies. Colors can vary from black and deep blue to mimic the night sky, with touches of white, silver or gray to represent stars and planets.

Q: What types of lighting are recommended for a space-themed bedroom?
A: LED lights are ideal for creating a twinkling stars or milky way effect. A night light in the shape of a moon or planet can also add a touch of mystery to your decoration.

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